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In 1998 SAMIM DERAKHSHAN company established by managers who have had experiences in manufacturing , import and export and have also had trading relations with other countries in shape of various companies. Regarding mineral deposits in Iran; in 2001 the managers focused on unsaturated domestic market of mineral materials; therefore, managers determined to achieve an appropriate rank. Along with this, the idea of establishing the greatest, the most equipped and cutting – edge aggregation plant has formed in order to export in private section. Following this, the company bought a mine with deposit about 60 million tones in Bandar-e-KHAMIR required machineries are about to be bought from the most valid companies dealing with manufacturing mineral machineries in the world.

SAMIM DERAKHSHAN Company has achieved the sole agency of numerous companies which are in ship loading and unloading of minerals, cement and optical belt scale systems. Considering its sales department this company has great ideas in equipping the mines and terminals by the pioneer technologies, this kind of foresight regarding to the expansion of its market is a break through in non-oil export aim.

SAMIM DERAKHSHAN company utilizing the experienced counselors in industry, economy and financial affairs has achieved valuable experience in trading. Background and activities:

background & activities

Manufacturing: various products, according the market demand, with appropriate management, technical team and manpower have produced.

Export: export department of the company has cooperated with manufacturing department in some cases, and through the years has achieved valuable experiences.

Import: generally the goal of having better customer-services has empowered the other two departments. As a matter of fact the main goal of managers has been the import of qualified goods as a valid agent of companies from all over the world.


establishing the first, most equipped and most cutting-edge plant of aggregated stones in private section with capacity of one million tones per year in south of country in order to export.

Establishing gypsum – burning plant next to the aggregation plant in order to domestic and foreign sales.

Establishing dry wall gypsum plant cover and other gypsum products in order to domestic and foreign sales.


Akbar Balarak (General Manager)

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Cell Phone : +98 912 105 13 49 , +971 55 696 8399

Hamid Balarak (Executive Manager)

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Cell Phone : +98 912 300 35 08

Saeed Balarak (Internal Executive Manager)

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Cell Phone : +98 912 315 0 827