Gypsum customers world wide

Gypsum customers world wide

Gypsum Rock in India

The cement industry in India is continuously growing. According to various research reports and in view of the upcoming massive infrastructure developments, the Indian cement consumption is expected to increase at a rate of 9-11 % per year. Mostly gypsum rock is being imported from Iran and Samim Derakhshan (Samim Gypsum)  Gypsum is a supplier of gypsum rock to India.

Gypsum Rock in UAE

United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the largest producer of cement and drywall in the region wherein Samim Derakhshan (Samim Gypsum)  Company is playing a great part in the production of those products because of the close proximity between Bandar Abbas, Iran and United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Other Gypsum Rock Market

Other conventional markets are gypsum rock in India, gypsum rock in Philippines, gypsum rock in Malaysia, gypsum rock in Singapore, gypsum rock in Vietnam, gypsum rock in Sri Lanka, gypsum rock in Indonesia, gypsum rock in Qatar, gypsum rock in Bahrain, gypsum rock in Kuwait, gypsum rock in UAE, gypsum rock in China, gypsum rock in south korea.

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