Van Aalst

vaninvanaal Van Aalst Bulk Handling BV is a relatively young company but with a lot of experience in the cement bulk handling industry. The managing director of the company, Mr Gert van Aalst, is in fact the inventor of the roadmobile shipunloaders for cement. He has over 30 years of experience in the market of shipunloaders and storage facilities. Also the engineering and sales staff has over 10 years experience with the products.

Van Aalst Bulk Handling BV is using a big manufacturing plant in Dordrecht (near Rotterdam) alongside the water. Complete shipunloader can be transported directly from the manufacturing plant alongside the water to the client, which results in cheaper shipunloaders than other companies.

The U.S.A. office, PBC provides a complete ship and barge unloading service for various companies throughout North and South America. But also operators and maintenance engineers for client owned barge unloaders can be provided.

The unique combination of producer and operator of the ship / barge unloaders results in pneumatic shipunloading equipment which has:

Low power consumtion
  Low maintenance costs
Long lifetime on critical components

Many customers have already experienced the advantages of the equipment delivered by the innovative and highly flexible team of Van Aalst Bulk Handling BV.

Van Aalst Bulk Handling BV is specialised in pneumatic equipment for loading, unloading, conveying and storing of powdered, dusty, abrasive materials, such as:

Fly ash
China clay

products_unloading_2 Limestone

Van Aalst Bulk Handling BV offers engineering and manufacturing of products (based on the long experience of staff and mr. Gert van Aalst) such as:

Mobile, rail and pontoon mounted unloading systems: 100 up to 1.000 tons/hour
Ship loading systems: 200 up to 2.000 tons/hour
Storage and storage extraction systems
Truck loading systems
Filter systems

and highly qualified customers support by means of:products_shiploading_2

World-wide service with a group of carefully selected, highly specialised and experienced engineers
Upgrades and repairs of all machines in operation
Availability of all genuine spare parts of machines, even if manufactured by others

Unloading Systems

The pneumatic shipunloaders of Van Aalst Bulk Handling BV can be devided in two groups:

VAST type – which means “suction only” machines

This type of shipunloader sucks the cement out of the ship or river barge and drops it into a bulktruck or on a belt conveyor which is located near the shipunloader.

VASS type – which mproducts_storagereclaim_2eans “suction / blow” machines

This type of shipunloader sucks the cement out of the ship and blows it to the storage facility. Both parts of the process will be executed by the equipment which is built as one complete shipunloader. Only a pipeline has to be installed between the shipunloader and the storage facility.

Loading Systems

Van Aalst Bulk Handling BV is specialised in pneumatic shiploading equipment.

All equipment for fixed loading terminals (from storage to ship), but also temporary installations (from truck or railcar) can be delivered.

Equipment like, but not limited to:
Loading pumps, dense phase systems, mobile and fixed loading arms and dust control systems. This Van Aalst Bulk Handling BV equipment will be designed and delivered according to customer requirements.

Storage and Reclaim

Storage facilities for all dusty abrasive materials can be delivered by Van Aalst Bulk Handling BV

The storage facility itself (flatstorage building, dome or silo) can be delivered by VAN AALST Bulk Handling or an alternative supplier. The loading into the storage, the filter systems and the reclaim equipment, however can be designed and delivered by VAN AALST Bulk Handling BV.

Loading and reclaiming equipment can be delivered in manual or 100% automated execution.

Truck Loading Systems

From the ship direct or via a storage into bulktrucks ; Van Aalst Bulk Handling BV delivers it all.

Systems with single or double truckloading can be delivered from 100 up to 300 tons/hour, mobile or stationary.

The installations can be delivered in combination with weighing bridges and computer regulated sales program.

Please refer to our multimedia page for more information about our products

Filter Systems

Filter systems ensure a dust free, environmental friendly operation of import or export terminals.

The filter systems of Van Aalst Bulk Handling BV are designed in the most optimum configuration and are in accordance with all international and local environmental regulations.

The filters are made of spun bonded polyester, which have a dust emission of 5mg/nm3 (max.) air. The filters are selfcleaning and designed for a long life time.